Design Choice regarding Custom Assets

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Guys, looking for some insights regarding custom assets.....

I want to manage a set of assets (houses for example) but each instance of that asset will have data specific to that instance (the address for example).....

If I issue a generic "house" asset then the individual details need to be recorded against the transaction that gives ownership of a specific house to it's owner.....if the house is then sold to someone else then I need to duplicate that in the proceeding transaction as the asset itself doesn't really represent the individual house, more the fact it was a house.......and so I always need to manage the instance specific details in the transaction.

That doesn't feel right to me, and really I think I should be issuing an individual asset that represents a single house on the chain to represent each physical entity.......this will lead to a lot of assets being issued on the chain that can only be traded as individual entities which feels right from a domain perspective, but I'm concerned that's not how you envisaged custom assets being utilised within multiChain.  There is also a potential performance issues with issuing that many specific assets, hence I would be interested in your thoughts on this before I go too far with this approach?



asked Mar 29, 2016 by marty

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You should definitely issue individual assets, since within an asset the units are fungible by design, i.e. one units is equivalent to another. Once you issue more than about 50,000 assets from a single node, there are currently some scaling issues, but we will resolve them over time and in the meantime there are workarounds available which we are in the process of documenting right now, and will appear on the site soon.
answered Mar 30, 2016 by MultiChain