Noob question - can you send arbitrary information with a transaction?

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I just found multichain today and have done a little Googling and don't think that I've found an answer yet. I've seen on other distributed ledgers that there are ways you can send data or messages along with a transaction, and use the protocol as a means of sending a "notarized" message to someone. Is this possible with multichain? If so, how? I came across another product of multichain's, coinspark: but don't see how multichain and coinspark integrate, if it does, are there any "Getting Started" docs that talk about how to use a newly created multichain blockchain with coinspark to send messages in transactions?. Or is coinspark something that doesn't work with multichain?  Thanks.

asked Jul 8, 2016 by woes

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CoinSpark and MultiChain are unrelated products. But you can add metadata to any transaction in MultiChain - see the *metadata API calls documented here:

answered Jul 9, 2016 by MultiChain