Mempool and transaction's flow

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I'm testing multichain community in this way: 5 nodes of which 1 (A) with all roles and 4 (B, C, D, E) with "send, receive, connect". "E" node also, for reading purposes only, imports all the wallets created separately in the other three.
If I perform ten transactions from a wallet of node B to a wallet of node C, although they have been successful (budget control), I notice the presence of some hashes within the mempool of all four nodes, excluding the miner . These hashes have actually already been put in a block and validated. What's up? What happens in the situation where the emitter node proposes (processes) the reference hash to the transaction until it is mined? Why does the mempool of nodes that are not involved in the transaction have content that does not directly concern them?


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asked Jun 17 by anonymous

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Blocks and transactions are fully replicated among all nodes (not off-chain stream data). All participating nodes synchronize and verify the entire history of all transactions independently.
answered Jun 17 by titusz