How can I import address and import private key into MultiChain?

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I generated new address in MultiChain node2. And want to import the address in MultiChain node 1.


Then I came back to chain1, use importaddress api, then I got

error code: -5

error message:

Invalid MultiChain address or script


I thought maybe I should import the private key first. So I use importprivkey api. But still get error.

error code: -5

error message:

Invalid private key encoding


I also checked, and set “Global permissions” all as true. But still not fix.

Would you please help me with this problem? Thanks a lot.

asked Jun 19, 2016 by Helen

1 Answer

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Each chain uses a different namespace for addresses and private key, to prevent an API call meant for one chain accidentally being applied to another. You can synchronize these namespaces between multiple chains using the parameters described on this page:
answered Jun 22, 2016 by MultiChain
This link doesn't exist.