getaddednodeinfo - info on all nodes

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Hi, what is the closest command to getaddednodeinfo in multichain? is it listpermissions?. I need info on all the nodes that have got permissions, but may not be connected at the point in time.

getaddednodeinfo  doesn't return any data.


asked Oct 5, 2015 by senthil

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The getaddednodeinfo API shows information about manually added nodes. If you want to see all the nodes (or to be more precise, addresses) that have permissions, you can indeed use the listpermissions API. You can also filter its output by the type of permission you are interested in.

answered Oct 5, 2015 by MultiChain
How does one manually add nodes?
There's an addnode API call, not yet documented on the MultiChain site, but you can read about it on the docs for Bitcoin Core.