Address from ScriptSig vs. Multichain Explorer transaction page

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I am trying to extract the address from ScriptSig as per the below script and also tried another way to confirm the result using this ( but the result is not as the same as multichain explorer:

ScriptSig :304502210083c7e3ae2d881fe41160ce480897435ba237285f8080ee7d84dacbeb606fc67d02206c713fc4c331ec53b6a6c7a4ec42f8dd1798329a37fc9abcbf0610a3da886d4301 02006a8c25a8ac1e90cb6a8881e59b8829b400bf45b8f2ee28d3fcb32d15a2c6e8

#!/usr/bin/env python
from hashlib import *
from base58 import *

def SHA256D(bstr):
    return sha256(sha256(bstr).digest()).digest()

def ConvertPKHToAddress(prefix, addr):
    data = prefix + addr
    return b58encode(data + SHA256D(data)[:4])

def PubkeyToAddress(pubkey_hex):
    pubkey = bytearray.fromhex(pubkey_hex)
    round1 = sha256(pubkey).digest()
    h = new('ripemd160')
    pubkey_hash = h.digest()
    return ConvertPKHToAddress(b'\x00', pubkey_hash)

pubkey = "02006a8c25a8ac1e90cb6a8881e59b8829b400bf45b8f2ee28d3fcb32d15a2c6e8"
print("Address: %s" % PubkeyToAddress(pubkey))

the result from the script and the website is:18EMD4PCBYtVRnjimj3yrNwKVHErnjkXTS

the result from the explorer is: 1Bihmhz9qgBmmbVtRGAzMSeqVn7SPBcp4E3B3f
asked May 24 by anonymous

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MultiChain addresses can be made compatible with bitcoin ones, but this requires specific settings for the blockchain parameters. This issue is covered in depth here:
answered May 25 by MultiChain