Transaction vin vs. Multichain Explorer transaction inputs

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I am working to publish data on multichain and so checking the transaction I found that vin is as below:

"vin": [
      "scriptSig": {
        "asm": "30440220771864301b02d072dfe583760d0c018cd32bc615fec763e053002304d267141502205c36e9ab0c14d45a9551d0377d966705cd2c44b30bfe01024d0b9b7ad13e78b001 02e053ebccd4e3a59b5ebcc7cee5950757c051528760c08dd2a5fa896291c5fd3b", 
        "hex": "4730440220771864301b02d072dfe583760d0c018cd32bc615fec763e053002304d267141502205c36e9ab0c14d45a9551d0377d966705cd2c44b30bfe01024d0b9b7ad13e78b0012102e053ebccd4e3a59b5ebcc7cee5950757c051528760c08dd2a5fa896291c5fd3b"
      "sequence": 4294967295, 
      "txid": "0e90378189be5e1c8ab09b4029206708c2e34eecd01133537be2acc1d6453850", 
      "vout": 1

while checking the multichain explorer I found input as below:


IndexPrevious outputNativeFrom addressScriptSig
00e90378189...:001DSQoz8dA1iGPyMqfAhxHPjQvVLWWEXZSoUXMi71:3044...b001 33:02e0...fd3b


so where the data in the explorer come from as the transaction vin doesn't contain (address and index) ?

asked May 17, 2020 by mina

1 Answer

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In the Explorer, the index refers to the index of the input, so 0 just means the first one. And the address is automatically decoded from the scriptSig, since that includes the public key which the address is a kind of hash of.

answered May 18, 2020 by MultiChain