inline data for NFT token

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I'm trying non-fungible token in multichain and searched previous Q&A list, it suggested inline data to tag information in each transaction. Below link is my trying capture,​  

I used sendfrom with amount parameter to add the inline data, but it can't  show each token identity. I saw the previous idea suggested to use " listunspent+createrawtransaction", I tried bit got confused, 1. listunspent shows all the txid records, it's hard to check which one is my targeted transaction; 2. createrawtransaction can tag data into each transaction, but it can't identify each token if it contains lots of token in a transaction;

Besides, with smart filter, does it just check/verify the inline data in each transaction? 

I'm still new in multichain development, please advise or share experience. 

Thank you.Walter 

asked May 13, 2020 by Walter

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There's an example transaction filter for non-fungible tokens here:

It includes information on how transactions should be built.
answered May 14, 2020 by MultiChain
createrawsendfrom to issue asset