High volume of transactions

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What are the current limitations of multichain, when trying to put through a high volume of send transactions?
asked Jun 9, 2016 by Rua

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If you bypass the wallet on MultiChain, generating and storing transactions externally, you should be able to reach between 200 and 1000 transactions per second, depending on the strength of your server.

If you use the local wallet for generating transactions (e.g. APIs that start with the word send) it will be a lot slower, but we are currently in the middle of a thorough wallet rewrite to remove this bottleneck.

answered Jun 9, 2016 by MultiChain
Hello, when you say a lot slower... Have you an idea of the current limitations using the send api's? When is the expected ETA for this wallet rewrite to be complete?

I would say no more than 10 transactions per second via the local wallet. And I expect we'll have the first release of a version with this rewrite out within 2 months, but hopefully sooner.
That's great thanks for your swift reply. Just one more question,

The 10 transaction per second limit, this is per wallet sending the transaction? Or is this limit maintained if there are a number of wallets sending a number of transactions?


Wallet 1 --> Wallet 2 (10 transactions)
Wallet 3 --> Wallet 4 (10 transactions)

Or is it a total of 10 per second regardless of how many individual wallets are involved?
This is per wallet, so you could have 20 wallets sending 10 tx/second each, and each node would still be able to process the 200 tx/sec.
Thanks folks - more than helpful!