Creating an asset with metadata and retrieving the metadata

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I have created an asset and trying to send quantity of asset from one address to other with some data as below.

sendwithmetadatafrom "1UhQZbaW3japFkGAX3esqz8EeGuGXTN6vfqGBq" "1ZtYgKas8Uhpy4ZMaKbMCqRgZuasqTyztWuxPZ" '{"Dollar":10}' 5348495031323334

This tx is successful and I am able to check the balances using getaddressbalances method.

Now what we need is that at the receiver end how it can read the metadata that is being send with this particular transaction.

listwallettransactions can be used at the senders end only right?

Also if we have 100 txns in wallet what if we need to check a particular tx and its metadata.

Its basically we are building a poc for supply chain with Sender and receiver.
When sender sends some quantity of goods as asset and details about it as metadata, the receiver should able to see this
transaction and metadata once the tx is successful.

Kindly help to clarify and also pls provide if you have any reference implementation.

asked Apr 24, 2020 by blkchain_enthu

1 Answer

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You can actually use listwallettransactions at the receiving end, also getwallettransaction to get information about a particular transaction from the wallet's perspective. Finally there is getrawtransaction with verbose=1 that lets any need see what happened with this transaction.

answered Apr 25, 2020 by MultiChain