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Hello MultiChain.

In an scenario with a MultiChain network and thousand of potential users I was thinking in generating the users' addresses in a MultiChain node and operate with them using the RPC API from a very lightweight mobile client, but, if I understood well, in this case all the private keys of the users will be in the MultiChain node. Now, I am thinking in the development of an SPV wallet for the users and I would like to know which are the alternatives to do this.

I have read about BitcoinJ for Multichain, that should work if the MultiChain network behaves like the Bitcoin network, but I have a doubt here: does BitcoinJ for Multichain support the custom issued assets and the permission management that Multichan includes?

Apart from BitcoinJ, do you know about other alternatives to implement a Multichain wallet for mobile phones that avoids the storage of the private keys in a network node?

Thanks in advance.

asked Jun 2, 2016 by vshorreo

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Right now the BitcoinJ fork for MultiChain does not support native assets (I'm not sure why you'd need it to support permissions because these are unlikely to be issued by the SPV wallet itself). There is also the issue that, if the network does not have anyone-can-connect=true, the handshaking protocol needs to be changed.

answered Jun 3, 2016 by MultiChain