Transaction couldn't show transferred amount & doubts related to timestamp

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Hello Multichain Team,

I have made one transaction with below command:

> multichain-cli chain1 sendwithdatafrom 1STekiSd28vXU6egrGkHtBzMKPJd4eGJLThR3W 1XErJMb4XRvTZuPAbncbrskbqydy8r2WW7yDDH "{\"GBP\":10,\"data\":{\"text\":\"hello\"}}" "{\"text\":\"25th march, 2020\"}"

It gives me the transaction hex-code & i used it with getwallettransaction command as below:

> multichain-cli techforce getwallettransaction b24d34809b0e3b30d9348f78d424cedb78d61b1a90ad8f6e9e461f4c45094ab4

    "balance" : {
        "amount" : 0,
        "assets" : [
    "myaddresses" : [
    "addresses" : [
    "permissions" : [
    "items" : [
    "data" : [
            "text" : "25th march, 2020"
    "confirmations" : 0,
    "txid" : "b24d34809b0e3b30d9348f78d424cedb78d61b1a90ad8f6e9e461f4c45094ab4",
    "valid" : true,
    "time" : 1585118667,
    "timereceived" : 1585118667

Here in below output i'm not having any detail of transferred amount which is 10 GBP. where should i found it?

could you please share the details about this last two parameters time &  timereceived.
I would like to use that timestamp to convert it into date & show on transaction history.

does this timestamp contains milliseconds with date time or only time?

Thanks in advance.
asked Mar 25, 2020 by Nikunj Dhameliya

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First, I assume that both the send and receive addresses were in the same wallet. If so you won't see the balance change in getwallettransaction – use getaddresstransaction instead.

Second, your \"data\":{\"text\":\"hello\"} is positioned to be sent as inline metadata, inside the transaction output containing assets, rather than general metadata in a separate transaction output like the other piece of text. You probably shouldn't be using inline metadata unless you are sure about it – see here for more information:

Finally, the time and timereceived fields are from the local node's perspective and can be different for different nodes (unlike the timestamp of the block in which the transaction is confirmed). These are standard Unix timestamps which count seconds from the Unix epoch:

answered Mar 26, 2020 by MultiChain
selected Mar 27, 2020 by Nikunj Dhameliya