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I am studying multichain for the usecase of personalized electronic health records. In my usecase, the data obtained from personal health devices (such as Fitbit) is sent to Multichain for storage and retrieved as required. Can anyone through the light on how Multichain 2.0 (Free version) can be used for creating personalized health records? Following are some of the requirements for such system: 

  1. Ability to create a health data record by acquiring data from multiple personal health devices.
  2. Maintaining a permanent chronological history of health data record updates. 
  3. Provide user-friendly interface/dashboard of person’s health data.
  4. Ability to provide data to third party systems (such as clinician, caregiver) based on user consent so that health data can be used for analysis and diagnosis purposes.
  5. Protect database from unauthorized access.
  6. Compliant to HIPAA privacy rules.
Your thoughts in this direction are greatly appreciated. 
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asked Feb 24 by Pravin

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You can definitely do all of these things, and several health-related applications have been built on MultiChain. For example project #3 in this blog post:

As for all the details of the application you need to build, I'm not sure you'll get all that information out of this Q&A, since it's really a whole system design.
answered Feb 25 by MultiChain
Thank you very much for the answer.