Asset transfer in case of a disconection

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Hi MC Team

This is the scenario

I have a QR reader ( this reader is conected directly via ethernet to a small piece of harware running multichain node )and this executes the api call sendasset from ( the multichain address enconded in the QR) and it turns out this have a 1 usd balance in an asset called "dollar". Everything is ok meanwhile the reader is online and sycn with the node. What happen if a payment is attemped during a network interruption of a couple of minutes and the local node cannot synchronize with the primary node? How can I guarantee that the local node has the whole bunch of records  before the network interruption and this "payment" can be executed?

I know this a little tricky but it is very important.

Thanks in advance.
asked Jan 21, 2020 by davotrade

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The local node will keep the transaction in its memory pool even if it is disconnected from the network, and then rebroadcast the transaction once it becomes reconnected.
answered Jan 22, 2020 by MultiChain
Ok , once local node reconnects , is there any chance that this transaction could be revoked ?
Only if there is a double-spend transaction against the original one, which would only be possible if another node has the private key for the spending address.