In deploying instances, how do I determine their chain membership?

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I'm developing a UI for deploying MultiChain instances to a server (OpenShift or Kubernetes) at the click of a button. I have this code working but I I'm new to this and I have an elementary question. I'm using Python and YAML files, so I believe the answer to my question has to do with what I need to do in my YAML files.

I don't know how to deploy such that the instances (nodes) know that they all belong to the same chain and don't belong to any other chain on the internet. I think I am probably deploying them to a chain called "MyChain" at the moment, because I have "name: CHAINNAME \n value: MyChain" in the YAML. But what if some other MultiChain chain on the internet has the same name? Won't my nodes become members of that chain?

Thank you for any advice.
asked Nov 1, 2019 by Jim

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You need to deploy them with the address of another node on the same blockchain, that is already running. This "node address" (available using the getinfo command) is passed as a parameter on the command line to the multichaind command.

answered Nov 5, 2019 by MultiChain
Thank you for the assistance!