Sending 0 assets using sendfromaddress & sendassetfrom results different behaviour

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I had created a native asset named msg_only


  1. {
    • "name":"msg_only",
    • "issuetxid":"8b920f9b9eb35e62be036bdef7a41bbb8af1eda887a9e0d62b5400bc2b599764",
    • "assetref":"23-265-37515",
    • "multiple":1,
    • "units":1.00000000,
    • "open":false,
    • "details":{
    • "issueqty":1000000000.00000000,
    • "issueraw":1000000000


Trying sending zero quantity of assets to an address using sendassetfrom and sendfromaddress gives different result sets:

Ex: sendfromaddress 1VUV2Ud8dokuP6e3DTpXVYVJX7U8d3HKdR3pZn 1b4JS5pRfgb7z5C7GbZiRf4So6FVnVgkdCcKoi '{"msg_only":0}'

Result: 711ebcf8f114347543e17e384bb3ee05ca4231a5916f20dd373ac017d9e1af93

Ex: multichain-cli loan sendassetfrom 1VUV2Ud8dokuP6e3DTpXVYVJX7U8d3HKdR3pZn 1b4JS5pRfgb7z5C7GbZiRf4So6FVnVgkdCcKoi msg_only 0

Result: error: {"code":-5,"message":"Invalid asset quantity"}

Just wanted to discuss the difference in behaviour. I understand the multiple defined as 1 which might be creating the constrain.

Version used: "version" : "1.0 alpha 18"



asked Apr 18, 2016 by 7sigma
first upgrade to MC19 cause it takes 5 minutes then try the same  and let us know what happened.
Hi SlobodanMargetic,
I upgraded MC19. The results are same.

2 Answers

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Sounds like you've found a straightforward bug, which we'll look into for the next alpha.

In the meantime instead of sending 0 units of an asset, you could also just send 0 units of the blockchain's native currency, and it will hopefully work fine with both APIs.
answered Apr 18, 2016 by MultiChain
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FYI this should be fixed in alpha 20, just released.
answered May 3, 2016 by MultiChain