Unexpected behaviour while using sendassetfrom

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We have been sending 1000 "sendassetfrom" calls 10 times in a row. Everything seemed to be fine, however in the end, we found out that we have got 10003 transaction hashes. Those 3 transactions, when decoded, were looking quite confusing, this is the link to one of them:


Each one of those 3 have mostly the same format - there are plenty of vin information and only 1 (n=0) vout that contains the change to given address - in this case by 221 (We have been sending assets with quantity between 1-10 so there was no chance that we send this amount in one transaction). I assume that this is some accumulated quantity, but is that intended? Also there are no information regarding sender's state. Is there any logical explanation behind this?  Thank you in advance.
asked May 25, 2016 by Mile

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This will be the autocombine functionality, in which unspent transaction outputs belonging to the same address are automatically combined together to make the wallet more efficient. It can be configured as documented here:


You can also manually initiate the process using the combineunspent API.

answered May 25, 2016 by MultiChain