Is there in-built Token concept in MultiChain

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We are looking for blockchain platform which has in-built concept of Tokens instead achieving it through programming or asset creation.

Where Tokens can be:

-created on blockchain with a value for specific wallet or account address.

-transferred in full or partial to new owner or wallet.

-redeemed by a specific owner.

-expires after a specific duration of expiry date.

Is it present in MuliChain? If yes, please provide us the details of where can find the information/apis of it, and whether the libraries in java/javascript/etc are present to handle it..?
asked Sep 17, 2019 by Ramesh Bondiga

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Yes, MultiChain does have support for built-in blockchain tokens, both the "native currency" of the chain which can be used for transaction fees, and any number of additional assets which are issued on top.

If you go through section 6 of the 'Getting Started' guide you will get the idea:

Assets can be created with send/receive restrictions that are managed by one of more asset admins. If you want automatic asset expiry you will need to do a little work with smart filters to define that, since it's not a built-in feature, but it should not be too difficult.
answered Sep 18, 2019 by MultiChain