Multichain web demo Error: HTTP 0

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I am setting  multichain web demo with following enviornment

i am having two ubuntu servers

Server 1 :IP 110 (aws) (Status of sudo ufw status inactive)

 I also added rpcallowip= ip address of server 2  with / (  in multichain.conf

Server 2 (azure) (Status of sudo ufw status inactive) - This has multichainWebdmo and phpinfo() indicates curl is enabled

both the server are on network which allows any to any traffic

I am setting multichain webdemo on server 2

config.txt file on server 2                   # name to display in the web interface
default.rpchost=              # IP address of MultiChain node
default.rpcport=4420                  # usually default-rpc-port from params.dat f server-1
default.rpcuser=multichainrpc          # username for RPC from multichain.conf from server 1

When i run the multichain demo it gives HTTP 0 error.  How do i resolve this error

Thanks you
asked Sep 5, 2019 by blocktech
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1 Answer

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There could be a number of causes:

  • Maybe you need to restart the node on server 1 after adding the rpcallowip line to its configuration.
  • Maybe you have the wrong port number for the rpcport (don't confuse with the p2p port).
  • Maybe there is a software firewall on server 1 preventing incoming connections on the RPC port.
Note also that for an individual IP address in rpcallowip you can just include that IP address without the / suffix.
answered Sep 6, 2019 by MultiChain