Why my multichain 1.0.6 is stopping all of a sudden when 6 or more users are trying to transact?

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asked Jun 28, 2019 by rama
Do you mean the node is crashing, or do you mean something else?

And please also clarify exactly what you mean by "6 or more users trying to transact" – is this a problem with API commands being sent to a single node, or transactions in general on the blockchain?

Yes, the node is crashing. Again I need to restart it to make the node up.
when users are logging into my web application I am allocating coins to them and allowing them to transfer to their fellow users.
For this, I have created a blockchain and a stream also.
The API commands are sent to that blockchain to do transactions on a stream created on that blockchain.


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Thanks for the extra info. First you should please try upgrading to MultiChain 1.0.8, in case that solves the problem. If not, try running MultiChain with these extra options:

-debug=mchn -debug=mcblock -debug=mcapi -debug=mcminer

Then after it crashes, send the debug.log file in the blockchain directory to multichain dot debug at gmail dot com and we can take a look.

answered Jun 30, 2019 by MultiChain