Is it possible for offchain data to be retrieved only on demand?

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I want to create a stream that is subscribed by multiple nodes. this stream will only allow offchain to be published.

As I understand it the Onchain hash of the offchain data will be propagate to all the nodes and all the offchain data will also be stored in all the nodes subscribed to the stream.

Is it possible for offchain data to not be propagated to nodes that are subscribed to a stream but will only be sent to the node that requires the offchain data when it demands it.

ie. offchain data will only be sent during a getrawtransaction or some similar command?
asked Jun 28, 2019 by anonymous

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This "Selective Data Retrieval" feature is available in MultiChain Enterprise, via extra parameters to the subscribe command and the retrievestreamitems command, as documented here:

answered Jun 28, 2019 by MultiChain