How to view other Node's transactions details?

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I have 3 nodes in my blockchain - Node1, Node2, Node3.

I'm having a PHP based JSON-RPC API hosted on Node2. Using the API I'm able to view the details of all the transactions involving Node2's addresses. Whereas I can't view the transactions that happened between Node1 and Node3. How do I overcome this?

Multichain explorer is also hosted on Node2 but it is able to retrieve the details successfully. What is it that the Multichain explorer has and my API doesn't?
asked Mar 31, 2016 by Cypher

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The MultiChain Explorer is build a separate database of all of the transactions on the blockchain, by querying the data in the memory pool and blocks. You can do something similar using a combination of the following APIs: getrawmempoolgetblockhash, getblock and getrawtransaction.

answered Mar 31, 2016 by MultiChain
selected Apr 21, 2016 by Cypher
Does he then have to send getrawmempool request to all 3 servers or just one? im unsure what propagates faster transactions in mempool or in blocks.
and does MC explorer then only update when it calls one of its queries and how often does it do that?

We have also been asked to create a GUI that demonstrates what is happening inside the blockchain, Client wants more and different functionalities than Multichain Explorer so were gona have to build a new one and im wondering what is the best way to get most up to date information. one of the goals of this GUI would be to show how fast the assets appear on different nodes after being inserted. so it would be very important to get the most up to date info with my requests in order to show the most impressive results in the GUI
Transactions should propagate pretty quickly, so getrawmempool on any node should be fine. A transaction will only disappear from the memory pool once it is confirmed in a block.

Yes, the MultiChain Explorer is based on polling, I don't know how often but perhaps you can see inside the code.