What is the "id": 1 in the body for?

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I'm exploring Multichain API.

C:\Multichain>multichain-cli chain1 liststreams

- Anybody can explain to me what the "id": 1 in the body is for?

Thank you!

asked May 9, 2019 by d2phap

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Multichain uses RPC 1.0 calls.

The RPC 1.0 protocol request specifies to send an ID. This is the id you are referring to. It can be whatever integer you want. 

Quote from JSON-RPC:

  • id - The request id. This can be of any type. It is used to match the response with the request that it is replying to.

More info on RPC specification (Check --> 1.1 Request (method invocation)):


answered May 10, 2019 by kgiannis
selected May 10, 2019 by d2phap
Thank you for the details!