Multichain2.0 User Management

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We are working on Multichain 2.0 POC project. Have configured the setup with 2 nodes (node1 & node2). Need your help in getting clarity on user management aspect. As per our understanding there can be 1 wallet per node, and each wallet can have multiple addresses. Should we consider wallet addresses as individual users. If yes, then users will get mapped to respective nodes, and if...Read More that node goes down how would users access the multichain. Or is there a way to handle this better.
asked Apr 22, 2019 by amolkarekar

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Yes, generally users should be mapped to individual addresses. But you don't necessarily need to map users to individual nodes – the same address can be shared by multiple nodes. You would need to decide whether these other nodes have the private key for that address, in which case they can directly transact on that address's behalf, or whether they only track transactions for that address, but the private key is stored directly by the user. See the importprivkey and importaddress commands, and this guide for more information:

answered Apr 24, 2019 by MultiChain