Create permissions - are there different types for streams?

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I have a network with 5 nodes. I query the permissions of my "node 5" and it has 'create' permission.

I try to create a stream on node 5 but receive an error that it does not have create permission on the wallet.

There is only 1 wallet on this node.

The seed / first node then grants create permission to node 5 (even though it already seemed to have it):

Now, I can create a stream on node 5 successfully:

I do not understand what is happening here. Why did node 1 need to grant create permission to node 5, if node 5 already seemed to have it?

This happened with all the other nodes as well.

asked Apr 4, 2019 by Zaid

1 Answer

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The address shown in the first screeenshot which has create permissions doesn't match the address shown in the third screenshot, which lists the node's addresses, so this seems to be behaving as expected?

answered Apr 4, 2019 by MultiChain
Thanks. I just re-ran the test.

When I list permissions for the node I get one address, but when I list addresses for the node I get another address.
Are there 2 types of address per node?
That first address with create permission does not reflect under "listaddresses"
I think this explains the misunderstanding. The listpermissions command tells you about permissions for all addresses on the blockchain, not just those in this node's wallet. But listaddresses only shows you addresses in the node's wallet.
Got it!
Thanks for clarifying.