why does liststreams return a nil result > {"result":[],"error":null,"id":0}

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Dim response = Ws.Stream.ListStreams("*", True, 0, -1)

i get  response.raw =   {"result":[],"error":null,"id":0}


if i change the  record count from 0 to say 2 , i get 

Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value


 Same issue with listStreamKeys. 


I am also able to publish to the streams using the LUCIDOCEAN.MULTICHAIN  api.



Other methods such as ListstreamItems works ok.


asked Apr 3 by anonymous

1 Answer

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This is likely to be an issue with the API wrapper you're using, but you can verify this by entering this command into the multichain-cli command line:

liststreams * true 2 -1

Assuming the command line works fine, please reach out to the developer of that API for a fix.

answered Apr 4 by MultiChain