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Just reading, you are unable to create any more native currency other than that from the initial setup? Lets say I don't want a native currency, but I want multiple tokens and I want a fee to come from these asset amounts? Is there any possible way for this to happen? Or possible to change the default code to allow this?

asked Mar 30, 2019 by anonymous

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Yes, you cannot make more native currency at will, but see this answer for a different approach:

Fees are currently paid in the native currency only. If you want to change this behavior, it would indeed require source code modifications. I'm afraid we can't provide support for source code modification here but all the code is available at Github.
answered Apr 1, 2019 by MultiChain
Okay thanks.

Creating a large amount up front doesn't really help me with what I need.

I would be wanting to create multiple assets, which when transferred a set fee would be sent elsewhere.

From what was said in that link, I could create a filter that won't process a transaction with an attached asset if a minimum fee is sent to a specified address?

Are there any other features coming up in Enterprise edition in relation to this? Or is there anything supported within the Commercial License that could get this working as a mining/transaction fee?

If you could point me in the direction of block creation/block reward, is it possible to add some code in there that would check the transactions on the block for a 'creation' transaction, then mint the coins as block reward and send them to the admin address that created the transaction?

That way could use most of the current code for block rewards & saves adding too much extra filters for assets?

Is there anyone you could put me in touch with who I could discuss this option further? I have seen a few people requesting it - so if its a simple solution maybe we could get this funded and added.

Is there a Multichain telegram/discord/gitter etc?

This is the best place for discussion. Can you please explain exactly your idea for a transaction rule that would solve this for you, then we can see if this can be expressed as a transaction filter.
Well ideally, I would like to create multiple chains for different currencies, only problem is I wouldn't know what the total of the currency is and  I would want to burn native currency/create as required.

I know this can be done as an asset - but then transfer of tokens doesn't give any network fee.

Assets are something that I would want to be using down the line for other aspects.

If mining can create native currency, is the difficulty hard to add a minting function?

Only assuming that transfer of native currency would be easier between say exchanges than that of assets (especially if a filter is added to the asset saying x must go somewhere as the fee)

Any ideas on best way to achieve this? Or if paid support could help/change code to allow creation of native currency?

Do you want to reach out to us directly so we can discuss your requirements in more detail and if/whether we'll be able to help you?