Can't use "native-currency-multiple" parameter correctly?

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I'm trying to create a currency, much like the USD, where the lowest denomination is $0.001. The ideia is that 1000 "satoshis" would be equal 1 "coin". 

However, I can't make it work using the parameters no matter what. Intuitively and after reading the docs a few dozens time I still think this should work, rewarding the miner with a "single" coin (i.e: 1 BTC is actually 10^8, but we all just see "1 BTC")? 


asked Mar 27, 2019 by tloriato
Yes, this is the expected behavior for these parameters. What are you seeing that disagrees with this?
I just tested with both set to "1000" and the release tag.

Multichain-Explorer GUI: Says I received 0.00001
Bitcoin JSON: Gives me a out.value = 0.00001 as well (
Multichain JSON: Gives me a vout.value = 1 (
Multichain-CLI: Gives me the right "qnty" and "raw" value.

Pretty sure it's a problem with Multichain Explorer then.
It could be a bug in the MultiChain Explorer - on what page are you seeing this wrong value?
In the page of a single transaction ID, where it describes the inputs and outputs.
Thanks, we will take a look shortly.

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The idea is that 1000 "satoshis" would be equal 1 "coin", to make this idea work you just have to change 

answered Mar 28, 2019 by gimmick
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This bug should now be fixed in the MultiChain Explorer – please download it again from Github and try again.
answered Apr 4, 2019 by MultiChain