thread_resource_error while reading stream content

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Hi Team,

While executing "gettxoutdata" API to read stream content we are getting below error -

EXCEPTION: N5boost16exception_detail10clone_implINS0_19error_info_injectorINS_21thread_resource_errorEEEEE

boost::thread_resource_error: Resource temporarily unavailable

bitcoin in ProcessMessages()

Please note "gettxoutdata" API was triggered using "walletnotifynew".

Please let us know what is the resolution for this issue.


asked Mar 13 by anonymous
Thanks for this report. Please let me know which version of MultiChain you are using, and (if 2.0) whether this was an off-chain or on-chain item.
Hi we are using Multichain 2.0 latest available version and we are using onchain item.
Thanks, we'll take a look.

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So the problem appears to be due to making a heavy MultiChain API call directly within your response to this script. The recommendation came back from the team to do one of two things. Either:

  1. Use the %j substitution in the parameters passed to your script in to get the full transaction description, and extract the stream data from that.
  2. Have your script store the transaction ID in some place, and then asynchronously traverse those transaction IDs in a separate process to get the data you need.
answered Mar 17 by MultiChain