Using Scripter Ron's Bitcoin Wallet with Multichain

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I want to create a private blockchain which is compatible with any of the existing Bitcoin wallets. As of now I'm trying to use the patched version of Scripter Ron's BitcoinWallet ( As per the instructions provided in the page, the blockchain will be configured to behave like Bitcoin. I DO NOT want the blockchain to behave like Bitcoin. Please explain to me what changes I need to make on the Wallet's end and the blockchain's "params.dat" file, so that I could get the wallet to work properly with my private blockchain?

asked Mar 22, 2016 by Cypher

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You want to start by looking at the 'Support for bitcoin protocol handshaking' section of this page:

This examples how you need to set a bunch of parameters in params.dat in order to make your MultiChain blockchain compatible with a bitcoin wallet. You can still impose permissions on your blockchain in this case, but your wallet might not like the OP_DROP metadata in the permissions transactions. If you want to use MultiChain's native assets (as opposed to just the blockchain's native currency) you will also need to make further modifications.

I'm sorry we can't provide more precise step-by-step instructions at this stage.

answered Mar 22, 2016 by MultiChain
selected Apr 21, 2016 by Cypher
Thanks for the info. I used sample params.dat file from
Now I'm able to synchronize the wallet with the network successfully.
What's the point in doing this? I don't get it.
Hi , I am trying to do the same , but my wallet electrum does not synchronizes with my private blockchain .May you could explain how did you do it please? and what type of wallet did you use for this purpose? Thanks in advance