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Hello! I was wondering if, perhaps, you would have a set of scripts or tools to help stress test your network after you adjusted certain parameters?

If that doesn't turn out to be possible, could you give a direction on what would you do (and use)/how would you architect such a test?

asked Feb 12, 2019 by tloriato

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Here's one of the (command line) PHP scripts we use for stress testing and benchmarking publishing items to streams. You'll need to adjust some constants at the top for your chain:


    define('CONST_MULTICHAIND_HOST', '');
    define('CONST_MULTICHAIND_PORT', '[enter rpc port]');
    define('CONST_MULTICHAIND_USER', 'multichainrpc');
    define('CONST_MULTICHAIND_PASS', '[enter password]');
    define('CONST_PUBLISH_FROM', '[enter address]');
    define('CONST_PUBLISH_STREAM', '[enter name of stream you created]');
    define('CONST_PUBLISH_TXS', 15625*4);
    define('CONST_PUBLISH_PER_TX', 32);
    define('CONST_PUBLISH_KEYS', 1000);
    define('CONST_PUBLISH_SIZE_MIN', 1);
    define('CONST_PUBLISH_SIZE_MAX', 32);
    define('CONST_PUBLISH_OFFCHAIN', false);
    for ($tx=1; $tx<=CONST_PUBLISH_TXS; $tx++) {

        for ($item=0; $item<CONST_PUBLISH_PER_TX; $item++) {
            $hexlength=2*mt_rand(CONST_PUBLISH_SIZE_MIN, CONST_PUBLISH_SIZE_MAX);

            for ($build=ceil($hexlength/4); $build--; $build>=0)
                $data.=str_pad(dechex(mt_rand(0, 65535)), 4, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT);

                'for' => CONST_PUBLISH_STREAM,
                'key' => str_pad(mt_rand(0, CONST_PUBLISH_KEYS-1), 9, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT),
                'data' => substr($data, 0, $hexlength),
                'options' => CONST_PUBLISH_OFFCHAIN ? 'offchain' : ''

        if ($valid) {
            printf("%9d tx / %9d items / %9.3f sec: %s (%6.1f items/sec)\n", $tx, $tx*CONST_PUBLISH_PER_TX,
                $elapsed, $txid, $tx*CONST_PUBLISH_PER_TX/$elapsed);
        } else {
    function curlless_json_rpc_send($host, $port, $user, $password, $method, $params=array())
        $strUserPass64= base64_encode($user.':'.$password);
            'id' => time(),
            'method' => $method,
            'params' => $params,

        $header=  'Content-Type: application/json'."\r\n".
                  'Content-Length: '.strlen($payload)."\r\n".
                  'Connection: close'."\r\n".
                  'Authorization: Basic '.$strUserPass64."\r\n";
        $options = array(
            'http' => array(
                'header'  => $header,
                'method'  => 'POST',
                'content' => $payload
        $context  = stream_context_create($options);
        $response = file_get_contents($url, false, $context);
        $result=json_decode($response, true);
        if (!is_array($result)) {
            $result=array('error' => array(
                'code' => 'HTTP 500',
                'message' => strip_tags($response).' '.$url

        return $result;       

    function get_microtime()
        return microtime(true);
answered Feb 12, 2019 by MultiChain
selected Feb 12, 2019 by tloriato
thanks! is this script used with a tool or as a stand-alone application with php?
This is a standalone PHP script.