Where i can find multichain.pid on windows ?

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Where i can find multichain.pid on windows ? or how i can get it ?
asked Feb 8, 2019 by Ahmed Lotfy

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Look inside the blockchain directory for that node.
answered Feb 11, 2019 by MultiChain
It is not there, it does exist only for linux, so how i can get the process id on windows ?
Apologies, that was a wrong assumption. I'll ask the team and get back to you.
So the answer is that there is no .pid file written on Windows right now. Can I please ask what you need this for, so perhaps we can suggest a different approach?
so in my case i use multichain as a third-party service in our product so it runs as a service that can be started/stoped whenever we need. we use pid to kill the process from our codebase in case service hung or similar.
OK. We'll continue this discussion off this Q&A to see how we can help with your integration.