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Hii guys,

1)I just wanted to understand block hash which is created to generate block for example:
        "hash" : "007466f9e7ff5d34ccc78b80ef55168706072f93b02d59ff6e60062ee12f22ae",
        "miner" : "1HHqia9So9hJgXPqnQ5W5AP1CKN3Sn17iUu3sv",
        "confirmations" : 82,
        "height" : 10,
        "time" : 1548850008,
        "txcount" : 1
This is one block i have obtained from getblocks command so in that one hash is mentioned .
So my question is does that hash represent signature of blockchain? 

2)I have gone through block signature in multichain you mentioned below setence
Block signatures are embedded inside the OP_RETURN metadata of the coinbase transaction, using a regular bitcoin-style signature format. The payload signed by the block creator is the full block headers

can you explain me OP_RETURN opcode in simple example term i was trying to understand this opcode but i did not understand that is the reason i am asking this question here.
how OP_RETURN executed in block?

please help me to understand


asked Jan 31, 2019 by kheteshrotangan

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The block hash is calculated from the header of that block, and represents a unique fingerprint for the content of that block. It is not directly related to the miner signature, and in fact it does not cover the miner signature:


Unless you are getting into the details of transaction output scripts, you don't need to worry too much about the meaning of an OP_RETURN opcode, except that it renders an output unspendable and precedes any kind of metadata stored in that output. For more background please see here:


answered Jan 31, 2019 by MultiChain
Thanks for your quick reply...
1)May i know how and where can i get miner signature for specific block?

2)Signature is public key of block creator or private key of miner  is encrypted  with block hash ? what exactly it ois?
1) The coinbase transaction is the first one in each block. In that you'll find the mining signature in an OP_RETURN output.

2) Signature is in the standard bitcoin format – public key of signer plus the signature.
miner(public key) +block hash = signature of miner  or signed block hash?
Please see this for more exact technical details: https://www.multichain.com/developers/mining-block-signatures/