I can't the this process How to create a MultiChain private key

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3. Different from bitcoin: Add the first version byte from the private-key-version blockchain parameter to the start of the private key. If it is more than one byte long, insert each subsequent byte of it after every floor(33/len(private-key-version)) bytes of the key. For example with 8025B89E:

4. Calculate the SHA-256 of the extended private key:

5. Calculate the SHA-256 hash of the previous SHA-256 hash:


first, I change the 3 value (80B69CA8FFAE36F11A25D445625E35BF6AC5B87D6642DDBE470DD39EE7934291B2000D7801) to binary.

the binary value is 10000000101101101001110010101000111111111010111000110110111100010001101000100101110101000100010101100010010111100011010110111111011010101100010110111000011111010110011001000010110111011011111001000111000011011101001110011110111001111001001101000010100100011011001000000000000011010111100000000001

second, I change the binary value to SHA256 hash

the result is 3E14E86F9E3895DD169ECA62444564D2E82CA25B7AEA0E0D650045967D49B9A6

I can't get the value 742D5B3C59BB25F077AACB33D5770AAE22FD5639E8F9A7742BADEF84BCDFB4CC

Can you tell me that how to I get the value 742D5B3C59BB25F077AACB33D5770AAE22FD5639E8F9A7742BADEF84BCDFB4CC. ?

asked Jan 10, 2019 by Harry

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"Raw binary format" does not means to convert the hexadecimal to base 2.

It means convert to the raw binary data represented by that hexadecimal string. It's hard to show this in general because not all binary bytes are visible, but if we restrict ourselves to ASCII characters for the example, then 62696E converted to binary is bin.

You can see an example of getting the right SHA256 result here:


answered Jan 10, 2019 by MultiChain