How to create a MultiChain private key?

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4. Calculate the SHA-256 of the extended private key:

5. Calculate the SHA-256 hash of the previous SHA-256 hash:



I'm following [How to create a MultiChain private key] step by step.

At the step 5, I got different hash value.

For example, the document says "4FBB9708A0B5F2F5AC384CAC22C69CCE3F7DCE6166DE63B5AFE35E5D59767F18".

But I have got the value "DCC0E35E31C131F6CD010A1689F82D17BD8482BABED7949253854DB6037CD3A5"

I got the value from this site (

I don't understand why two values are different.
asked Jan 8, 2019 by Harry

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You need to calculate the SHA-256 hash of the previous hash expressed as binary, not the hexadecimal string shown on the page. We've added a comment about this on that page to make that clear.
answered Jan 8, 2019 by MultiChain
thank you for your answer, but  
3. this value 80B69CA8FFAE36F11A25D445625E35BF6AC5B87D6642DDBE470DD39EE7934291B2000D7801 change to binary and the binary value change by sha-256?
then I will get the this value 742D5B3C59BB25F077AACB33D5770AAE22FD5639E8F9A7742BADEF84BCDFB4CC