error cant open database

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error: {"code":-1,"message":"CDB : Error 28, can't open database "}

error: {"code":-1,"message":"CDB : Error 28, can't open database "}

usually before end of workday we let the program insert apsurd ammounts of assets over night just to see what happens in the morning and every time untill now we had the "error cant connect to the server" all over the terminal meaning the node crashed, but today we got this new error. what can cause this and how do we avoid it?


additional info:

the node did not crash

using getinfo as first command, after like 100 000 of those error messages, works

inserting assets manually also works

restarting the program that inserts assets also works.

so basically the problem really was that it couldnt connect to database, nothing else crashed, and this problem was gone when i tried to continue where we left off in the morning.
asked Mar 16, 2016 by SlobodanMargetic
I've pointed the team to this and will let you know as well.

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So it looks like the issue here is general wallet scalability, rather than something specific to asset creation. The built-in MultiChain wallet reaches its limit somewhere in the region of 50K-100K transactions. If you want to go past this point you need to either (a) wait for us to implement a more scalable wallet - it's on the roadmap, or (b) use an external database as the wallet, and just use MultiChain to broadcast and verify transactions.
answered Mar 16, 2016 by MultiChain
How would you suggest connecting to external database and using it as the wallet? Can you explain it in detail, please?
You use the createrawtransaction / signrawtransaction / sendrawtransaction MultiChain APIs to build, sign and send your transactions. Don't store the private keys in the MultiChain wallet - instead pass them to signrawtransaction when needed (see for the full parameter list). If you want to make the transactions you generated searchable/queryable, store them in an external database in whichever way you need, with the appropriate indexes, etc...