How to use a bitcoin HD wallet with already initialized multichain?

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I have a multichain that is already initialized with the default parameters. Now I want to use bitcoin HD wallets with it. How can I achieve that? I read that to make a chain compatible with bitcoin HD wallet, we need to make changes to params.dat file before initializing the chain. But in my case, the chain is already initialized. Can the bitcoin HD wallet be used with this chain now? If yes, then how?

asked Dec 20, 2018 by Ishan Koul

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Yes, its still possible to use a bitcoin HD wallet and for that you can use bitcore library and then pass the address-checksum-value , private-key-version and address-pubkeyhash-version parameter values of your chain into the bitcore library functions.

I have already done that so its not a problem at all.
answered Dec 20, 2018 by gimmick
Hi, thanks for the reply. I did try to use that before posting that question, however, I was not very successful. Do you have a GitHub link to your implementation? If yes, can you please share it? Thanks once again.
Note that the default values set in a new MultiChain blockchain for address-pubkeyhash-version, private-key-version and address-checksum-value will not be compatible with a bitcoin library. You need to at least ensure that the first two of these are one byte long (two hexadecimal digits) and that address-checksum-value=00000000. You might also just find it easier to use bitcoin compatible addressing, using the parameters given on this page:
Sorry but that repo is private and i can't share the access with you. Can you tell me more specifically where you got stuck?