Transaction to send data in exchange of asset

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I have a scenario where 2 devices (Node A and Node B) are present in network. Node A and B has some quantity of asset1. Node A wants to share his data for some incentive asset1.

There are 2 streams present one is for metadata and other one is for original data. The Node A publishes encrypted data to original data stream and metadata along with hex(original data) (for checksum of data associated with it). The node maintains metadata and data txid relationship.

Now, Node B wants to purchase the data published by Node A in exchange of asset1 (Lets say 10 quantity). How can I implement this using atomic raw transaction? I would also have to share the secret key encrypted used to encrypt data using public key of Node B for confidentiality.


What is the best possible way? please help me out.
asked Nov 27, 2018 by Shrey Baheti

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Hmm, this is a more a cryptography question than a blockchain one. You need some way for Node A to reveal something on the chain, which all nodes in the chain can verify will allow node B to be able to open the encrypted data, but without other nodes in the chain being able to actually open the encrypted data themselves. It sounds like a zero-knowledge proof challenge.
answered Nov 29, 2018 by MultiChain