Error ( insufficient priority) when submitting asset exchange

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I was working through the asset-exchange example on your getting started page and received an error when executing the final sendrawtransaction request with the built up transaction hex as below:

error: {"code":-26,"message":"66: insufficient priority"}

I did see that on the previous 'appendrawexchange' request when adding the asset details for the exchange that complete came back as false.

Any thoughts on what the issue might be?


Many Thanks.....


asked Mar 12, 2016 by Marty
Please paste the output of getblockchainparams and we'll take a look.
  "result": {
    "chain-protocol": "multichain",
    "chain-description": "MultiChain test-chain",
    "chain-is-testnet": false,
    "target-block-time": 15,
    "maximum-block-size": 1000000,
    "default-network-port": 4791,
    "default-rpc-port": 8000,
    "anyone-can-connect": true,
    "anyone-can-send": false,
    "anyone-can-receive": false,
    "anyone-can-issue": false,
    "anyone-can-mine": false,
    "anyone-can-activate": false,
    "anyone-can-admin": false,
    "allow-p2sh-outputs": true,
    "allow-multisig-outputs": true,
    "setup-first-blocks": 60,
    "mining-diversity": 0.3,
    "admin-consensus-admin": 0.5,
    "admin-consensus-activate": 0.5,
    "admin-consensus-mine": 0.5,
    "admin-consensus-issue": 0,
    "mining-requires-peers": true,
    "first-block-reward": -1,
    "initial-block-reward": 100000000,
    "reward-halving-interval": 52560000,
    "reward-spendable-delay": 1,
    "minimum-per-output": 0,
    "maximum-per-output": 100000000000000,
    "minimum-relay-fee": 10,
    "native-currency-multiple": 100000000,
    "skip-pow-check": false,
    "pow-minimum-bits": 16,
    "target-adjust-freq": 86400,
    "allow-min-difficulty-blocks": false,
    "only-accept-std-txs": true,
    "max-std-tx-size": 100000,
    "max-std-op-return-size": 4096,
    "max-std-op-drops-count": 5,
    "max-std-element-size": 600,
    "chain-name": "test-chain",
    "protocol-version": 10003,
    "network-message-start": "f0cee9ed",
    "address-pubkeyhash-version": "00d6403c",
    "address-scripthash-version": "05eaff91",
    "private-key-version": "803990ee",
    "address-checksum-value": "baac3d4a",
    "genesis-pubkey": "0372044283140ebb6542c5ffb2dd4f6286c608c0bffc8a86f30d3b7b1e51c4984c",
    "genesis-version": 1,
    "genesis-timestamp": 1457646295,
    "genesis-nbits": 520159231,
    "genesis-nonce": 19750,
    "genesis-pubkey-hash": "55908eccf65ca9b719cc51ad15798d57e7414577",
    "genesis-op-return-script": "5b6e6f74207365745d",
    "genesis-hash": "00009dfae1167a1ce8b00d77ed0aad4dd32c04d50f458fa042a6ed21331e62a1",
    "chain-params-hash": "ce4e1adeed7bbe3f793104f6f980949247c5be13d6357f456480ff5cb3034ca4"
  "error": null,
  "id": 1

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Looking at your blockchain parameters, you have introduced a native currency for your blockchain and set the parameter minimum-relay-fee to something non-zero. This means you need to include a transaction fee (in the chain's native currency) in order for it to be relayed, but our examples do not include such a fee.

So either start a new blockchain with minimum-relay-fee=0, or include some native currency in your exchange transactions. Replace the first stage with something like:

preparelockunspent '{"asset2":1, "":0.00001}'

That will include a fee as part of the inputs to the exchange transaction. The fee can be paid by any of the parties to the exchange, or shared between multiple parties.

answered Mar 13, 2016 by MultiChain
Makes perfect sense when you point it out........working perfectly now!