administration interface instead of commands

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is there a web administration interface to manage the blockchain instead of the commands,
thank you
asked Nov 18, 2018 by johndev

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You could have a look here: .
answered Nov 18, 2018 by multichain_user123
is this application accesble only from the node of the admin (blockchain creator) if i try to acces it from the other nodes is there any acces right
You can use the Web Demo with any node, not just the node which initiated the chain.
thank you, but i am the bloackchain creator and administrator so i will connect to the interface with admin privilige i want to know if the other nodes will connect with admin privilege or with their own privilege given by me (admin)
Each node can only perform the actions which it has permission to do (based on the private keys in its wallet). This applies no matter how those actions are initiated (command line, web demo, etc...)
in this case each node will only do the actions granted by the admin, it will not do the admin actions