Is it possible to restrict the asset value on some rules ?

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I am new to multichain/blockchain technology. Please ignore this question if irrelevant.

I have issued an asset 'GBP' today (26th Oct) with initial quantity of 5000000 from one address. Now, I want that more quantity can't be re-issued to this asset till 7th Nov, even if the address has the permission to do so. And if any address tries to issue more quantity, error should be thrown.

Is there any possibility to add some rule or config changes which can support the above use-case ?


Anuj Gupta
asked Oct 26, 2018 by anujg

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This kind of thing can be achieved in MultiChain 2.0 with smart filters, where you have a time-based rule on the presence of an asset reissuance. More information here:
answered Oct 29, 2018 by MultiChain
I have the below json stored in a stream :

   "description":"risk description",
   "systemProcessingComments": "some comments",
   "nonce": 12112111

How can I apply the rules which does not allow any change in the elements and reject if any-one tries to change the item value ?

Anuj Gupta
The blockchain itself protects against changing information in streams, so I'm not sure what exactly you're intending? When retrieving the data from a stream, you have the option of retrieving the first item, or the first item for a key, so that any subsequent changes are simply ignored.