Is it possible to put the value of native asset to 3 billion in multichain ?

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asked Sep 17, 2018 by adarshajha

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All parameters relating to native asset quantities can be set in the blockchain parameters, before the chain is started. There should be no problem with this quantity of native assets, at a lower divisibility than bitcoin's (i.e. not into 100000000 pieces).
answered Sep 17, 2018 by MultiChain
selected Sep 22, 2018 by adarshajha
can you please explain how to do this, i am unable to solve this, i want all the coins to be premined and the quantity should be 3 billion.
Set native-currency-multiple to (say) 1000000. Use first-block-reward to set the number to be premined as 3 billion multiplied by the native-currency-multiple - these will all be assigned to the blockchain initiator. Set initial-block-reward to 0 so there are no further coin issuances.