hyperledger channels vs multichain streams

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comparing hyperledger channels, where data can be stored offchain and hashed (but i don't think it is true p2p storage), with the ability for data on different channels to be private from other channel subscribers... this would be nice to have in streams, so in the supply chain example they give, farmers cannot access information from the supermarket data, but they are on the same chain.

The only way to do this on Mutichain is encrypting the data as it goes into the stream - any chance of adding read permissions in the future as an alternative?..;)
asked Oct 1, 2018 by mark

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Yes, we are indeed looking into stream read permissions as one of the first features of 2.0 Enterprise.

But it's worth noting that Hyperledger Channels are not really equivalent – they are more like having separate blockchains which just happens to share some users and identities. You can of course do exactly the same on MultiChain by creating multiple blockchains with the same version parameters and sharing private keys and addresses between them.
answered Oct 2, 2018 by MultiChain