comparing multichain vs holochain, proximaX, sia, storj etc...

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I am considering building a country specific distributed storage solution, where users get paid to help store content.. do you think multichain can handle this (with or without encryption options)?.. It would be semi centralized to handle payments, but just thinking offchain data storage features of Multichain better suited to in house corporate management of data, or could it be extended to something larger?..
asked Oct 1, 2018 by mark

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MultiChain can handle most aspects of this, but the one missing part for now would be a way to tie data delivery to compensation (or perhaps proof of data storage to compensation). MultiChain 2.0 (in alpha) has a lot of infrastructure for node-to-node messaging, but this is not yet made explicit through any APIs, so this would mean hacking away at the core code base.
answered Oct 2, 2018 by MultiChain