Is it possible to make PKI (certificate genration and revocation) in Multichain

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Hello Dears, id ownloaded multiChian and started disovering it , I want to use multichain to build a PKI (certificate genration and revocation) in Blockchain,  i want just to know if it is possible and if you can tell me how to start this implementation . if you can offer me a track to integrate Pki on multichain for certifcate generation and revocation on Blockchain. I would be very grateful.

asked Oct 1, 2018 by john

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I'm afraid this question is a little too open-ended to answer concisely. But I would recommend looking at streams as the underlying data layer for this kind of application – any (source) address can publish information to a stream and use another (destination) address as the key/label for those items. Thus it's possible to look up information in the stream based on source or destination, or both (in the latest MultiChain 2.0 alpha).
answered Oct 2, 2018 by MultiChain
I do not understand, can you clarify? if there is a possibility in multichain to do that
 this what i want to know