manage advertising network on multichain

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My requirement is to create an advertising network on the multichain blockchain network.

We are advertising agency and we will register the advertising companies to choose the advertisement package.

Now based on the package selection, we have to manage the number of advertisement displayed to the user and after advertisement displayed to the user, we have to deduct the advertisement counter according to the package and we have to charge them for per advertisement.

so how can i manage everything in multichain ?

please guide me.

Thanks in advance.
asked Sep 21, 2018 by prashantdrx

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I'm afraid the scope of this question is a little too wide for this forum, which is focused on specific questions relating to use of the MultiChain platform. You might also want to consider if a blockchain is suitable in this case, since any platform (MultiChain included) will be slower than a centralized database.

In any event, please start here to understand the features that MultiChain provides you:
answered Sep 21, 2018 by MultiChain
Hi @multichain,

I hope you have understand my requirement.
can i create an advertise as an assets ?
and do the transaction on those assets to achieve my goal ?