Ethereum ICO with MultiChain

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Assume the following scenario:

  1. An ICO (ERC20 standards) is issued on Ethereum, we call the token A-token.
  2. If we build a Multichain permissioned blockchain, on which users can settle their trades using A-token. That is to say, users can purchase A-token from crypto exchanges and use A-token to settle the trades.

Any advise on whether it is possible to implement? If it is possible, how to port A-token into Multichain? 

asked Sep 17, 2018 by jeremiahtws

1 Answer

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We don't want to specifically comment on the ICO, but in general if you want to transact any token on two blockchains simultaneously, you need a trusted party that receives and holds token on one chain, then issues tokens on the second chain which are backed by those it's holding on the first.
answered Sep 17, 2018 by MultiChain