Cannot connect to Multichain ran inside Docker

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I have created a Dockerfile to run a blockchain within a Docker container. The chain is created successfully, and multichaind ran, which gives an output of: 

Other nodes can connect to this node using:

multichaind dockChain2@

Listening for API requests on port 5002 (local only - see rpcallowip setting)

When trying to connect from another node the error received is - 

Error: Couldn't connect to the seed node on port 5001 - please check multichaind is running at that address and that your firewall settings allow incoming connections.

I have tried exposing port 5001 in docker, and using docker ps -a shows>5001/tcp under PORTS. 


asked Sep 13, 2018 by Darren

1 Answer

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(local only - see rpcallowip setting)

This is the problem. You need to use the runtime parameter rpcallowip= and then you can control what hosts can connect. The example I provided should allow any node.


answered Sep 13, 2018 by alexb