possible to build a transaction outside of json rpc server

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Hi Multichain folks,

Is it possible to createarawtransation and sign without calling the JSON RPC server, then connect to the server to broadcast the transaction?

Are there any recommended libraries for this?

asked Jul 11, 2018 by StevenChan

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It's generally easiest to use the JSON-RPC server to build the transaction, even if it doesn't sign it, because it will know the up-to-date state of the blockchain. In that case please see these two tutorials that can be helpful:


Otherwise, it's perfectly possible to build and sign the entire transaction outside of MultiChain. Any library that can build bitcoin transactions can also be used to build MultiChain transactions, since MultiChain uses the same transaction format, scripting language, cryptography, etc... You can consult several of our developer guides to understand how MultiChain represents permissions, assets and streams transactions in bitcoin's format:

answered Jul 11, 2018 by MultiChain
selected Jul 13, 2018 by StevenChan