How to issue a date file?

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I have two computer with windows 7 system, and named computer A and B.

In A, I creat a MultiChain named DataChain.

In B, I connect the MultiChain in A as a node, and the node in B has the connect and issue permissions.

If I want issue a asset from B, we can use the command:

multichain-cli DataChain createrawsendfrom 1K...iK3 "{\"1Kdy....4iK3\":{\"issue\":{\"raw\":1}}}" "[{\"create\":\"asset\",\"name\":\"test\",\"multiple\":1,\"open\":true,\"details\":{\"a\":\"1\",\"b\":\"2\",\"c\":\"3\"}}]" send

But, if I want to issue a file from B, such as, a txt text of a doc file, what the correct command format? Dos the following command right? 

multichain-cli DataChain createrawsendfrom 1Kdy...iK3 "{\"1K..iK3\":{\"issue\":{\"raw\":1}}}" "[{\"create\":\"asset\",\"name\":\"test\",\"multiple\":1,\"open\":true,\"details\":{\"a\":\"1\",\"b\":\"2\"}},"the hex format of the file"]" send

Is there any tool or command in windows 7 can convert file data into hex format?

If the issue mission is proformed correctly.  I can use listassets command to list the asset. But how can I recover the file in A.

Thanks for your early reply.

asked Jul 10, 2018 by tongguowei

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For general file storage we recommend using MultiChain streams rather than assets. You can get a sense of how they work in the Getting Started tutorial:

As for converting files to hexadecimal on Windows, you have tools like hexdump or functionality inside PowerShell that can do that. You'll find more options via a Google search.

answered Jul 10, 2018 by MultiChain